California Redwood Forest, Camp Navarro, Wedding - Vanessa and Joey


That was Vanessa and Joey's wedding hashtag, yet I'm posting this blog right before Halloween. Ooooops. I feel a little guilty how the blog doesn't get my attention as much, so I love you, yes, you - who's reading this, for checking this section out.

Simply put; I will never forget Vanessa and Joey's wedding. Theirs has definitely ranked one of top favorite weddings I've ever shot in my relatively short wedding photography business years. I had never photographed a wedding in the redwoods, so I could barely contain myself with my excitement for their destination wedding; seriously, it's such a blessing honor to be invited into special days like this and it is something I will never take for granted. The wedding took place in this past May at Camp Navarro, and the amazing photographer Brett Butterstein and I spent the whole 3-day Memorial weekend in the redwood forest, celebrating, capturing and feeling their corky and adorable love.

Colony Palms Hotel Wedding - Karen + Chris

I immediately knew Karen and Chris' wedding was going to be a good one when I had heard, "Annie, we don't want photos of the dress hanging on the doorway, shoes, rings, table settings, etc." We Skyped for our first meeting and I remember high-fiving them on the screen. "Yayyyyy"

I had a lot of "firsts" with their wedding.
It was my first time photographing a wedding in Palm Springs, staying for 3 days.
It was my first time to hear a funny story, at the welcome dinner, from their best friend how 'COOL' Chris had become from being a 'NERD' as he was caught in the shower with Karen.
It was my first time to also hear F word during the wedding ceremony. "Fuck it" like 3 times.
Then, Karen and Chris decided to sit in the corner of parking lot and ate In-N-Out burgers at midnight after all the dancing.

Karen and Chris didn't have bridal party but had lots of close friends and family from all around the country and the world who celebrated their love together, laughed and danced their booties off, which was exactly what they had wanted. <3

Calamigos Equestrian Wedding - Megan + Josh

(Please bear with me. I'm SUPER behind with updating my blog, website, and social media..... I try though. :P)

When your client works in the same industry, you have two thoughts going on in your head; 'Gosh, it is such an honor to be picked by another professional in the field,' and then, 'Gosh, the pressure; I better not screw anything.' 

Megan is a wedding coordinator based in Texas and has become my dearest sweetheart and I love that we literally call each other "honnneyyyyy" and I put a little bee emoji next to it every time I say it. I know; maybe tacky but but I love it.

Megan and Josh met while working at Apple Bee's in San Diego in 2010. Josh then worked as a dishwasher in the kitchen and Megan was a server. Megan says, "I fell in love in a hopeless place," and that of course made me giggle a lot. Josh has been serving in the Marine Corps since then, and they bought a house in Arlington, TX last year and have been very busy remodeling it. I love getting pictures of their new paint/bathroom from Megan.

In summer of 2016, Megan and Josh tied the knot in Los Angeles (at Calamigos Equestrian) because it only made sense to wed in their home state since Megan grew up in Glendora and her parents are still here and Josh is also from California.

Megan is the first female I've ever encountered who drinks Jack Daniel's Whiskey straight out of the bottle, and their wedding day was filled with joy. And instead of cutting a cake during the wedding reception, they cut cheese. I mean, come on. That's just dang cute. 

(If you're curious, you can see a few of my favorites from their engagement session here)