St. Francis Episcopal Church & Palos Verdes Golf Club Wedding - Sarah + Ryan

Last summer, Sarah cried or looked like she was crying when we said bye to each other after her wedding reception ended. She later wrote, " I see you like a friend and can I honestly tell you it makes me sad that we don't get to hang out now?" Sarah and Ryan live in Chicago, and it's amazing how much I get to know two complete strangers and be able to connect with them, their close friends and family on wedding day, which is why I love weddings so much; it's like a summary of who you are, where you came from, who you're surrounded.

Here are some of my favorites; their ceremony was held at St. Francis Episcopal Church in beautiful Palos Verdes and the reception was at Palos Verdes Golf Club.

Gorgeous Ranch Wedding in Oak Glen - Kim + Amanda

I was REALLY excited when Kim and Amanda told me that both of them would wear a wedding dress; it was my dream come true. :D I've photographed multiple gay weddings but I had this "fantasy" to photograph two brides in their wedding dresses. Two wedding dresses meant two bouquet tosses too. <3 Kim and Amanda met while playing/teaching soccer in 2009; since then, they've become nurses and graduated from Marine Corps (Amanda) and they bought a house shortly after their wedding, where I was invited for a quick lunch - we looked back their fun and emotional wedding day and talked about life, family, jobs, friends, and having babies in the future. One of the most fun things my job offers is that I get to grow with my couples and witness our lives unfold. Their wedding was held last fall at Homestead in Oak Glen, California, and Michael Bezman was with me to capture this beautiful autumn day.



Sweet Close Knit Wedding in Arcadia - Erin + Mike

When I first met Erin, I couldn't wait to meet Mike, and the entire family - both sides. This backyard wedding in Arcadia was by far one of the most love-filled weddings I've ever been to and photographed, and it was my absolute pleasure witnessing what two-families-become-one truly feels like; both fathers officiated and married their daughter and son; and two religions - Catholicism and Judaism - came completely together. This was also probably my very first time to look at an older (than me) couple in person and thought, 'I really love what they have (their love) and I want to be just like them when I grow up.' I had NEVER I seen both parents at their age SO IN LOVE that it actually gave me hopes that a true/everlasting love exists. It was filled with so much love, laughters and happiness, and every single family member and friends cheered for their joyful occasion. That's somehow/surprisingly rare to find these days.

Please enjoy some of my favorite images; Michael Bezman was there with me to document this summer day last year.