Molly + Michael

"I love how secure your love makes me. You make me feel like the best version of myself on steroids. You have a way of looking at me that makes me feel like everything is going to be ok." - Molly

Where do I start with these two...

I actually don't know.
My mind goes blank in a very good way when I think of them. Then I start seeing their pure joy, pure love, and simply the awesome life as it is.  My wonderful job allows me to meet so many kindred, compassionate and loving spirits like Molly and Michael and to see how they're experiencing this wild and beautiful world - their stories make me more aware of my own place in life and my own joy; then I think about where I am and where I will be, and how I want to be a little more like them.

Molly and Michael's wedding was too good to be true. I felt the genuine love from literally every single person at the wedding. And that's rare. And that simply showed how they were raised and who they are.

Michael had 18 groomsmen including the best man. Eighteen! Record-breaking for me! He is a person with full of love, which will make him "a fantastic dad" as Molly describes.

As the wedding day continued, it was complete with euphoria and laugh-until-you-cry moments and more tears of joy. There was also one big party at the Fox Theater in Salinas after the ceremony. About 350 people destroyed that theater with lots of great music, dancing, and singing. Ohhh.... the singing...

"Today in front of witnesses I want to say that I adore you for all your shennanigans, not despite them.  And I want to thank you for loving me so completely." - Molly