Christmas House Inn Rancho Cucamonga Wedding - Kelly + Greg

Kelly: "Greg, the joke is, we don't really do emotions. Of course that's not true, but the quiet way we love each other feels inherent, elemental, easy.... You've done so much for me. You've made me trust being vulnerable - in some rare, specific occasions. You believe in me - not just me, but the way I see the world... I promise high fives, dark inside jokes. fun adventures, coffee and tea, couch snuggles, snacks, and life. I promise to love you, even during football season. I promise to keep earning those looks, and looking at you that way in return. I promise you us."

Greg: "Kelly, it feels somewhat disingenuous to pledge my undying devotion to you as if it's some sort of sacrifice or grand gesture on my part because, in all truth, it is the ultimate privilege.... Despite being wildly antisocial I always look forward to spending all the time I can with you, and I truly believe it's because you don't just register as "another person"; you're a part of me... I promise to never stop making fun of you, and to never stop giving you ample reason to do the same to me.... I promise to always know where we are and in what direction we're headed so that you don't have to, and to do whatever math may come our way in life. And I even promise to throw in the occasional Harry Potter reference...always."