Intimate Backyard Wedding in La Canada - Matt + Keagan

Someone once asked me which one was my absolute favorite wedding I've photographed. I mumbled a little and didn't have an answer for it, and I don't think I will ever. I can't choose one. It's such a difficult question, equivalent to asking a little kid if they like their mom or dad. Anyway... long story short; I really enjoyed photographing Matt and Keagan's heartfelt wedding at Keagan's parents' house in La Canada last summer. Matt and Keagan live in Washington, DC but married here in Southern California surrounded by their close friends and family.

Keagan's dad, such a loving person, had decorated the entire place; no he's not a florist but yes, he's THAT talented. It was a beautiful day packed with joyful emotions and I hope you enjoy a little glimpse of their wedding day!!