Intimate Malibu Wedding - David + Zar

David and Zar live in Vancouver, Canada but their summer wedding held at Gull's Way in Malibu with close friends and family. Gull's Way is the late TV personality Dick Clark's house, and in fact, Beyonce was apparently staying next door to this estate for a quick vacation during their wedding ceremony. This international couple met in 2009 online and decided to settle in Vancouver, but Zar was born in Malaysia and grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel while David was born in San Diego but grew up in Westlake Village (between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara). I always wonder what my wedding would be and honestly, I get ideas from my own clients every weekend. And this intimate wedding with about 30 people would probably be mine if there's a wedding. I'm not sure if my family can make it (like Zar's family couldn't), but I know the wedding will be filled with emotions like theirs - nervousness, excitement, happiness, and a little bit of sadness for those who couldn't physically be there.