Malibu West Beach Club Wedding - Nicole + Scott

This happy couple - Nicole and Scott - met in 2013 and now lives in Singapore. They work in finance industry and had two "destination weddings" - one in California where Scott is from and the other one in Malaysia where Nicole is from. The guests could choose which one they wanted to come. How flexible is this? I met a lovely friend of theirs from London saying he's never been to California so coming to Malibu was no brainer for him. Nicole and Scott didn't know what "first look" was - the trendy phenomenon in our wedding industry where the bride first revealed herself in wedding dress for the first time to her groom on their wedding day. "I already saw her dress," Scott said. "Is that a thing?" So they got ready together at Malibu West Beach Club. There is only one room - a bridal suite - at the venue, so Scott casually put his suits in a storage there, and you know I went bananas for this; I LOOOOOVED it. And talented Brett Butterstein joined me to document this afternoon fun-filled wedding last fall.