Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach - Veronica + Will

Veronica was on top of everything. She contacted me more than a year before the wedding date and she had everything organized - I was sooo impressed! - and some may think an organized person (like me!) doesn't know how to relax and be spontaneous, but heyyyyy that's not true at all - Veronica's got the whole package; the hip-hop and beer lover were barefooted at the reception, knew exactly how to be present/enjoy throughout the day and did not stop dancing all night. Their wedding was packed such a diverse cultural background of guests with a hint of Mexican culture - *mariachi band - given that Veronica is half Mexican and half Trinidadian while Will is half Mexican and half Russian. The best wedding to document for me is always the ones where I get to be treated like one of their guests; NOT because I want to feel special or anything, but it's because, 1) somehow I'm not a fan of the word "vendor" or "photographer" - although I'm all those things - I want people to call my name, 2) I get the trust and access to capture the wedding story like no one else could; isn't that my sole responsibility why I'm there with everyone all day and night? and the kindhearted groom, Will, made sure that I had just that. I had so much fun photographing all the love and let-it-loose fun that everyone had at their autumn wedding held at Old Ranch Country Club and brilliant photographer Brett Butterstein joined me to witness this celebration. 

Annie BangComment