Palos Verdes Wedding - Ashley + Will

"Annie, we're doing this wedding thing just for you - literally," Ashley told me on her wedding day. "We wanted photos with our family and close friends. This means so much to us."

I started laughing and then went, 'oh holy shit...'

Ashley and Will got married in Vegas two years ago and were not sure about the whole wedding idea in the beginning; because... you know, weddings are not cheap, especially when you're paying for everything. Ashley and Will Airbnb-ed a house in Redondo Beach, had tons of awesome friends and family members helping to decorate the reception at Cheesecake Factory after their ceremony at The Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes. I witnessed and felt so much love pouring on these two wonderful people, and even on me. Who doesn't like to feel loved? It's certainly so wonderful to be included as part of the family/friend group; I mean, I'm in their wedding album. #goals. haha just kidding.