Santa Ana Old Courthouse Museum Wedding - Sharon and Eric

Though Eric contacted me first, I have more to say about Sharon. She's so straightforward. I instantly loved her. I easily get confused with mixed messages and/or have no patience for figuring complicated stuff; just like Sharon, she also has no patience.

Seven years ago in college, "we got drunk one night," she said when I asked how they "romantically" met. First time for everything; that was my first experience with a couple who had an amazing drunken "mistake" which led to a long-term relationship, and then to lifetime promise. "We have a lot of debts (especially with Eric's med school loans,) and we just want to be married."

There, nothing fancy. She bought her beige-white maxi dress from Abercrombie & Fitch and kept the receipt just in case it didn't fit her or she wanted to return it. hehe. About 20 their friends and family members gathered to celebrate their honest love in Santa Ana.