Sweet Close Knit Wedding in Arcadia - Erin + Mike

When I first met Erin, I couldn't wait to meet Mike, and the entire family - both sides. This backyard wedding in Arcadia was by far one of the most love-filled weddings I've ever been to and photographed, and it was my absolute pleasure witnessing what two-families-become-one truly feels like; both fathers officiated and married their daughter and son; and two religions - Catholicism and Judaism - came completely together. This was also probably my very first time to look at an older (than me) couple in person and thought, 'I really love what they have (their love) and I want to be just like them when I grow up.' I had NEVER I seen both parents at their age SO IN LOVE that it actually gave me hopes that a true/everlasting love exists. It was filled with so much love, laughters and happiness, and every single family member and friends cheered for their joyful occasion. That's somehow/surprisingly rare to find these days.

Please enjoy some of my favorite images; Michael Bezman was there with me to document this summer day last year.