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Calamigos Ranch Malibu Wedding - Charlie + Danny

I have this big smile on my face whenever I think about Carla (aka Charlie) and Danny. They absolutely know how to appreciate little things and live a life. They're also those kindhearted people who will not look at you weird because you started crying while talking about some personal shit. Yes, it happened to me.

I vividly remember the first time I met her at a bar in Venice where I instantly fell in love with everything about her - her intelligence, blunt opinions, huge heart, tears of joy, empathy...everything! And I think my first sentence to her was "Oh, you're so pretty." She's tall (duh, she plays volleyball!) and used to model and she is an actor and one smart writer. Danny works in finance industry and has a really soft heart and understands literally everything about life. Every time I'm with them, I can clearly see that they mean so much to each other. And their wedding at Calamigos Ranch Malibu was nothing short of their amazing personalities and big hearts. 

(Just in case you're curious; their engagement session here)