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Colony Palms Hotel Wedding - Karen + Chris

I immediately knew Karen and Chris' wedding was going to be a good one when I had heard, "Annie, we don't want photos of the dress hanging on the doorway, shoes, rings, table settings, etc." We Skyped for our first meeting and I remember high-fiving them on the screen. "Yayyyyy"

I had a lot of "firsts" with their wedding.
It was my first time photographing a wedding in Palm Springs, staying for 3 days.
It was my first time to hear a funny story, at the welcome dinner, from their best friend how 'COOL' Chris had become from being a 'NERD' as he was caught in the shower with Karen.
It was my first time to also hear F word during the wedding ceremony. "Fuck it" like 3 times.
Then, Karen and Chris decided to sit in the corner of parking lot and ate In-N-Out burgers at midnight after all the dancing.

Karen and Chris didn't have bridal party but had lots of close friends and family from all around the country and the world who celebrated their love together, laughed and danced their booties off, which was exactly what they had wanted. <3