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Engagement Party Turned into a Surprise Wedding - Lilli + Mike

Only a few people knew about it. Their loved ones gathered together to congratulate Lilli and Mike's engagement, but the couple turned the party into something else - a surprise wedding. Lilli and Mike thought about eloping, thought about a small wedding, and then they realized they would have everyone they love at the "engagement party" at the beautiful backyard of their close friend's home. The actress bride and the writer groom played it very well - throwing a hell of a surprise wedding. It was simply the best. Ahhhhhhh, I REALLY love my job!

And because their vows make me so happy that I've decided to share the whole thing here. If you have some time, why not read it? :-)


Moishe! I'm so happy! I can't believe this is happening. Partly because it takes you a very long time to make decisions but mostly because I wasn't sure if you were out there. I've waited my whole life for you and now that I found you I don't know how I lived without you and now I don't have to. Unless you die first.
I love you so much. I think it goes without saying you are the funniest person I know. You make me laugh about everything. I love when we're talking about sad things like Norman Rockwell paintings and you make me laugh and cry at the same time.
I love that you have 1000 pictures of your cats on your phone and that we often have to pause a TV show so you can have some Oscar time, or because Felix is being particularly cute. I love that your Bob's best friend. And the kitty looks to you as a father figure.
You're the most handsome man I've ever seen.
I love how thoughtful you are.
How passionate you are (particularly about inefficient use of retail space. Why aren't all buildings multi purpose). 
I love when I hear your car in the driveway cause it means my best friend is coming over for a sleepover party that lasts forever.
And I love that right now you're probably thinking how much this reminds you of an episode of happy days.
I promise to always be me. And I promise to always let you be you.
I promise to have your back and sometimes your front (that doesn't even make sense I'm just scrambling words up).
I promise to love you forever. To always be the Sally to your Harry, the Pierce to your Hunnicut, and the Oscar to your Felix.
Ani ohev otakh ( ah-knee oh-heav oh-talk). That’s Hebrew for “I love you.”



I can’t believe I’m marrying the girl from the party!
Pete Townshend has a line in a song that goes: “Now and then you see a soul and you fall in love.”  That’s how it was for me with you.  I saw a soul and I fell in love.  The fact that it was wrapped in this hot body was pure bonus. 
I saw you across the room at a holiday party 3 ½ years ago, almost to the day, and thought, G-d, that woman is so beautiful and she seems so fun.  Everyone she’s talking with she’s laughing.  I said to my friend Jack, “I want to try to go meet that woman.”
It’s one of the rare instances where my instincts were 100% correct.  Maybe the only time.  Who knew that all it takes to get into a great marriage is to simply walk up to the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, prettiest, most “athletic” woman in the world, make a couple of vulgar jokes, and just pray she doesn’t find you repulsive. 
When we were walking from the restaurant back to my car on our first date, you discovered a bag in your pocket to pick up after your dogs, and said to me, “If you need to poop on the sidewalk, I’ve got you covered.”  I knew right away this is a girl for me.
From the minute we wake up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep, you’re just a joy to go through life with. Of the 7 billion people on earth, you’re my favorite.  You and Fred Flintstone.
I am so excited to be going from Mr. Michael Kramer to Team Mr. Michael Kramer.
You once told me I was just the right amount of crazy.  I am so thrilled to have fallen into mutual craziness with you.
You know I have this weird collection of yearbooks from my high school and junior high from before I was there.  Well, to quote some kid Reid Weinman to Leigh Ann in her 1972 Hammarskjold Junior High School yearbook, “You are the nicest, cutest, kindest, prettiest, everythingest girl I’ve ever known.”
I love you.