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The Ruby Street, Highland Park Wedding - Katie + Russ

You know how people say that your friends represent you? When I met Katie and Russ, I felt like that a bit. They both work in journalism field; Katie is an entertainment news editor at Buzzfeed and Russ is also a movie (magazine) editor. My last job at The Associated Press was such a million years ago, but I always strive for telling stories our life as it is and it's such an honor that I get to do that on wedding days. Family and friends at Katie and Russ' wedding were also so prepared/trained for me to do my job - like, 'oh, it's just Annie - she's doing her thing - let's just ignore her.' Their day was filled with a lot of happy tears and dancing at The Ruby Street in Highland Park last summer; and here are some my personal favorites! (Oh, and yes, Brett Butterstein "assisted" me again; in fact, you'll see lots of our collaboration coming up. :D)