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South Coast Botanic Garden Wedding - Rebecca + Mohsen
"I promise to bring you home Diet Coke every time I go grocery shopping and serve you dessert right after dinner."  - Rebecca

Rebecca is, by far, the most decisive and easygoing bride/friend/client I've ever encountered. People like her are a rare breed - ones who are confident and know themselves well on what they like and don't, yet have such a laid-back and loving personality; this was simply and personally amazing for me as I got to be trusted by those whom I try to be.

Rebecca and Mohsen (we call him "Mo") got married at the beautiful South Coast Botanic Garden last November on a sunny day, and it was one of those weddings where I was invited into be their photographer, a friend, and a family member. Rebecca's sweetest grandmother's name is Annie. Come on.

Rebecca and Mo have known each other over 15 years and their relationship grew even stronger while he was in the military (Marines) for 8 years. Mo was her sister's friend from high school, and he was "the first guy" Rebecca "liked a lot."

Their wedding was simple, nonchalant, and beautiful, overflowing with love and celebrations, and the weather couldn't be perfect for those two and the loved ones. My absolute favorite moment was when Mo decided to smash a piece of cake on Rebecca's face while nobody saw that coming.

"Months from now I won't remember the details of this wedding but what I will always remember is how beautiful you look and how happy you are and I will always try and make you this happy." - Mo