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Walnut Grove Wedding - Candice + Warren

Oh.... Candice and Warren... <3

Their wedding day started with Dodgers and ended with In-N-Out burgers. Ladies, forget the cute bathrobes or Kimonos when you put on make-ups and do hairs on your wedding day; here goes a customized Dodgers T-shirt (with your name in the back) for everyone and after your wedding, who doesn't want to walk in In-N-Out in your wedding dress? It was the cutest moment I've witnessed. And since then, it's become my ritual to eat In-N-Out burgers (or at least McDonald's lettuce wrapped BigMac) after photographing a wedding 10-12 hours nonstop. It's the best.

I love how Warren makes Candice laugh and how she makes him a little more emotional. Candice is the most chill and fun friend/bride you can ask for, and Warren is someone who would watch your back and make sure you're well. And oh boy, can they DRINK!? Every time we hung out, we drank and talked about food; and engagement session and wedding were no exception. (No wonder we get along so well!) In fact, that's how Candice and Warren first met - they were "drinking buddies" in a marathon team with their mutual friends. I don't know anyone else who drinks as much as they do but then stays active and fit (they do serious stuff too - marathon is no joke and mountain hiking is just another one). They constantly inspire me to enjoy and live your life and I'm so happy to share some of my favorite images from their wedding. The couple got ready at Westlake Village Inn while the ceremony and party were at Walnut Grove.