Brittany + Brendan

I didn't want to shoot this wedding.

I wanted to self-invite and enjoy the wedding as a guest. I knew I was going to love this couple after months of numerous e-mails and a Skype call, and Brittany and Brendan made that true when we first met in person a couple of days before their wedding at The 1909 in Topanga. They have a huge love affair with food (just like me!), and both of them are earnest and warmhearted people who could not take their eyes off of each other the entire emotion-filled day and night.

It was Brendan's first time EVER to wear a suit, and their first time to get any "professional" photos taken. It was certainly the most relaxing wedding I've ever been to and worked at, and was a wedding of how I would imagine for my own in the future - filled with love, celebration, good music and yummy food.

Brittany and Brendan met each other through a mutual friend about 4 years ago. On their first date, they had tacos and discussed the future of Facebook. (She works for Facebook and he is in the tech industry), then they did that on the second date as well and they seem to do that all the time. Then, two summers ago, he surprised her with a ring in Hawaii.

"I didn't say 'yes' at first, and I apologized for that," Brittany said. "We started a philosophical discussion about marriage, proposal, and engagement. And 10 minutes into it, I'm saying 'yes,'"

"We make each other better and more ourselves. I know I'm more honest, silly, vulnerable and confident because of Brittany," Brendan said.

I still can't forget those many moments when they stared at each other's eyes so lovingly and exchanged adorable smiles. I'm very lucky to have met kindred and loving spirits like Brittany and Brendan and to learn how to draw joy, hope and inspiration out of what I'm surrounded in most humble way. Thank you, again, and congratulations!! Yay!