Wayfarers Chapel and La Venta Inn Wedding - Candace + Sean

We know, in life, people come and go; it's only normal. But if it's not death-related, you can put efforts to keep certain ones in your life. Though I admit it; I'm not that great when it comes to "hanging out" with people I like as I have a weird anti-social tendency sometimes, I'll try to make time for Candace and Sean to slurp some ramen together. This happy couple makes me so happy every time. They make inappropriate jokes that I love. They give me good advice when I need it and love noodle soups as much as I do - or at least they let me believe so. Candace's mom wanted to "adopt" me after their wedding and take me to Texas (where she lives) on occasions; she sent me healing energy when I got into a car accident. Sean shared his "not-so-secret" turkey recipe for Thanksgiving, and that is the only recipe I'll ever use.

The funny thing is that Candace and Sean were complete strangers who simply wanted an engagement photo session with me at first. It's unbelievable where life takes you to and how much it gives you. I'm so so thankful that I got to preserve their memories of the happiest-day-ever this summer. 

Ahhhhh... Can you overdose on happiness? <3

If you're interested, see their engagement photos here