Photo by Brett Butterstein

It's a cliche but true; not a single person is like you out there - NO one has the same exact story as yours. I photograph weddings/families almost every weekend all year around in many different/same locations and settings;
NOT two weddings/families have been the same. Like, NEVER.

To me, weddings are not about your Badgley Mischka or Jimmy Choo shoes or "things." They definitely play a part in your wedding story but hold almost no meaning by themselves. I think your dress/suit&tie looks amazeballs on you, not by itself, and a trendy photo of an empty reception hall looks like nobody came to your wedding - how about many photos of it being used and celebrated by your loved ones? 

To me, weddings, just like anything in life, are about people - you two and your loved ones who put effort to be there and celebrate your love. Those exact same groups of friends and family will NEVER be in the same place at once again. So it is my single duty to make TIMELESS photos you (and your future generations) will get to revisit. And I approach family photography the same way. Kids grow up fast and I would love to document your family history.

Honestly, I can never plan exactly what photos I would make that day; I love that about photojournalism - I have information about the event details but I let everything unfold in front of my camera. Am I going to capture e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e. story of your day? Probably not, only because that is humanly impossible; but I'll use my knowledge and experience to make the best judgement throughout the day/night to tell your story.

You are beautiful as you are and your life is freaking awesome as it is, and hopefully my work can tell you exactly that.

Go ahead and make wonderful memories.

And let me create art and tell your story filled with moments that you'll re-live forever.