This sounds a little new to me. What is your approach with this documentary family photography?

As a documentary photographer, I photograph you, your children and your dog/cat in their most natural and comfortable environment: your home. Every session I do is about you and your life as they are RIGHT NOW. Those files of messes in your and/or kids' room? Leave it. Everything goes way too fast and I am obsessed with preserving everything for you. Being present and being real is simply awesome. You don't have to smile for a photo if you don't want to. Not kidding. Then, laugh as much as you want, and don't be ashamed of shedding tears of joy/sadness.

Do you also take "traditional" camera-aware portraits?

Maybe, it really depends. If we do, we'll either start or end the session with it but it will be for one or two photos.

Can we also go to the park or the beach for the session?

Absolutely. But it won’t be cheesy and everybody-wears-the-same-clothes-for-photos though.

Then, what should we wear?

At home, it will be something you would wear daily at home but maybe a little bit nicer like when your close friends visit you. If it’s at the park or the beach, it will be something you would wear to go to the park and the beach. Simple? :D My only suggestion would be ‘try to avoid big logos, busy patterns and graphics on your clothes’ because those are usually very distracting.

We're going for a family vacation. Will you come with us and take photos?

Yes PLEASE. That sounds like soooo much fun!

Do you require a minimum coverage of hours?

Yes I do. My minimum coverage is 3 hours per session – why? Because it’s documentary! :-)

What is your pricing and how many photos will I receive?

I offer a la carte pricing that starts at $700 with 3 hours of coverage. I offer You will 3-hour, 6-hour, and 12-hour coverage, and the 12-hour coverage usually includes the whole day - from the morning rituals, daily activities, and until bedtime. Depending on the coverage, you will receive 30-150 images, and a private online gallery will be provided for you to view, to download, and to share the photos. 

Do you do any mini session? Like 1 hour?

Anything is possible, isn't it? Please contact me so we can discuss it.

Do you charge extra for additional person/dog?

No. Are they your family or close friends? Do you live with them? Do you do activities with them? Anybody is welcome to be in the session; however, realistically, I can rock my talent with a group of up to 5-6 family members comfortably.

Do you offer albums and other products like canvas?

Yes, I certainly do.

Can we reschedule the session?

Absolutely. Life happens and things come up. We will reschedule the session within 30 days from the originally scheduled date.

Can we meet you before we decide to book you?

I'd LOVE that! Let's grab coffee, juice, or tea!