What makes you different, Annie?

Your wedding day isn't about me and is not a photo shoot. I want you to spend the day with your loved ones who put effort to be there with you, unaware of my presence - and we will make that possible. It is about capturing the day as it happens, the emotions and your own unique story throughout the day, and providing amazing images that you'll re-live those moments forever. Your wedding day will be non-directed and non-interfered. Not only I'm a proud member of organizations like Fearless Photographers, PPA, and WPPI, but I'm also an active member of Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), an elite international organization that only accepts true documentary wedding photographers and upholds the strict guidelines of its membership.

We love your photojournalistic work, but do you also take posed portraits of the couple and family/friend/wedding party group photos?

Absolutely. But it will be done in a very minimal time. I value and understand the importance of camera-aware group photos. They’re usually done before or after the wedding ceremony depending on your wedding schedule. I love doing a mini couple/portrait session on the wedding day if time allows, and I of course take occasional group photos throughout the day as well.

What about my dress, shoes, and table settings?

Details will be captured naturally as the day unfolds. Those staged photos of specific wedding details will be made upon request ONLY. Please do let me know any items that are meaningful to you as if you'll carry a handkerchief that belonged to your grandmother, etc. I'd love to know those little details! However, I will not take your dress out of its plastic bag and hang it on a tree by itself for a photo because that is a trend. I MUCH rather photograph the dress on you. Seriously, when was the last time you walked into a married couple's house and saw a printed photo of her dress by itself? Right...? Let's not worry about those.

Do you travel to outside of Los Angeles?

Yes! Please take me to the moon! :D

When and how many photos will I get?

You will receive your photos edited in about 6-8 weeks. As documenting your special day, I click away a lot of photos - like thousands. And it is my mission to tell your story completely. So my clients usually receive about 150 - 600 "edited" photos depending on the nature of the event and coverage. I rather deliver a couple of hundreds of "HOLY-S*&$” moments that tell your wedding story fully. And if you ask, those other "thousands" of raw files will not be available to you only because they were simply part of the working process of art, just as a painter tries a few colors before making the final stroke or a writer tries a couple of words before landing on the right one - she doesn't publish all three words, the first two just served to lead to the third. 

How much does your service cost?

I have a la carte pricing for you, and you can build your own package as I believe every couple/wedding is different, so as your needs. I have a minimum coverage requirement of 5 hours, and it starts at $1,850 with availability to print. My lovely clients in Greater Los Angeles Area usually spend from $3,800 to $6,500. The higher prices include the longer coverage, an engagement session, and products like album(s), digital images/print right, etc.

We're camera-shy. How do you approach the engagement session?

I think an engagement session before the big day is always nice because this provides the perfect opportunity for us to get comfortable with being around each other and to build the trust. I'm sometimes right in your face, but then I would disappear because I'm photographing your guests, etc. Your engagement session will be 50% directed and 50% non-directed. (Maybe even 30%/70%) The session will also be done very candidly, with a few poses and directions. I'll come in and fix any awkwardness while putting you two in the best lighting situations.

Do you edit all of our images?

Yes. Every. Single. Photo. All images you receive are fully custom-edited by me one at a time. I also have a highly-trained editing team who works with me as well as some selective images for special treatment if needed. Lots of love goes into my art work.

How will I get to enjoy my photos?

Photos are meant to be seen on paper, not on a screen. Let's print them!

Do you require a deposit (retainer fee)?

The retainer fee ($1,500) is 100% non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I’ll hold that specific date exclusively for you, and when I receive the agreement signed by you and the payment of retainer fee, I start turning down ALL inquiries for that date. The rest of balance is due no later than 7 days prior to your wedding day.