(with a BIIIIG smile)

In this crazy and beautiful life, I'm caught by the moments.

I'm a photojournalist and I mainly photograph weddings and families. You're probably drawn to my work because of real stories and moments. You will not hear me asking you to "pretend" to put on earrings, shoes or a fake smile or telling you what you "should" do and where to look. (Well, except for portrait/group photos...) Your photos will not only tell your own unique story but will take you back to those genuine moments and emotions you felt. Seriously, wouldn't that be the absolute BEST way to re-live your life?

I'm patient, personal, and sneaky like a ninja; I'd also like to be creative and try new/different things with my photos. I feel extremely honored to be part of every moment I witness. I do what I do coming from my biggest and genuine love for life. 

I'm a VERY proud member of

Wedding Photojournalist Association
Fearless Photographers
Professional Photographers of America
Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Oh, in case you're curious,

Annie In-Young Bang – that awesome middle name is my Korean name given by my grandmother and has a Chinese meaning of ‘kind flower’ and yes, Bang is such a cool last name. Bang!

Born in Chicago, IL and raised in Seoul, South Korea, I studied Journalism in college and I once was an international journalist, including for The Associated Press, based in Seoul.

I'm actually older than I look and act. 
I love listening to all kinds of music nonstop.
I'm a coffee-holic, and I love fooooooooood - especially noodle soups.
I visited the most secluded country North Korea twice when I was a reporter.
I lived in Panama for about 6 years as a kid. But my Spanish is really embarrassing.
I love wandering around and reading books about why we are the way we are.
I had a black Labrador, named Kkamang - 'Blackie' in Korean, for 16 years (2003-2019).
My favorite flowers are peonies and hydrangeas.

Please say Hiiiiiii!