annie bang candid wedding photography.jpeg
Annie is an amazing storyteller, and she captured our wedding day perfectly. My husband and I are able to re-live all the excitement, jitters, and moments of pure joy from her beautiful photos. She even captured some moments that we didn’t know she was there for! We can’t thank her enough for the great work she did and highly recommend her for any important event. We will be enjoying her photos for years to come!
— Jaclyn Y.
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Annie Bang is THE BEST. Her work is amazing, she’s the perfect combination of funny/sweet/sincere, she commanded my unruly family like a boss and made my large family photos happen, and I would trust any important event in my life to be captured perfectly by her. Since then, my brother hired her for his wedding, my friends hired her for theirs, and my dad is planning on hiring her for his party. I trust her with my photography life forever.
— Candace W.
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My mother-in-law even asked us if she was one of our friends she hadn’t met before, because Annie made a point to learn our family members’ names and used them to organize our (very few) posed family pictures. Every time I look at our wedding pictures, I relive that amazing day all over again. Annie is the best.
— Katie S.
wpja annie bang candid wedding photo.jpeg
Annie Bang was the best wedding photographer for our wedding! We wanted images that were going to be artistic, beautiful, and most importantly, be capturing real moments. We love her documentary-style approach. We ordered pictures as well as a wedding album. And I was blown away by her care and attention to details. Annie is a truly thoughtful and loving person who is on top of things and that permeates throughout in her work! Thank you for all you’ve done Annie!
— Linda B.
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We felt so comfortable with Annie. She was easy to talk to and to discuss important matters with. She really wants to capture your event and make your day as unique and special to you as you know it should be. She was so lovely, very personable and friendly. She’s got a fantastic eye and captured things we didn’t even know she was seeing. Her professionalism made the process go smoothly. She’s flexible, a joy to work with, and creates a stunning work of art.
— Danielle D.
annie bang wedding photographer documentary.jpg
Artistically speaking, we loved the candid style of photos that Annie takes. She’ll of course take the shots that you request, but she also adapts to the environment and the people. She’ll blend into the crowd so that there isn’t any chance of guests being awkward or camera shy. The result is an amazing set of photos that really capture the feeling of the day.
— Hyunsoo C.
wpja Annie Bang Wedding Photojournalist Documantary Candid 3.jpeg
If I could give a million stars, I would. I can not recommend her enough, honestly. If you want someone who will capture your day not just the way you saw it, but the way you felt it, call Annie Bang. Best decision we could have made.
— Kelly B.
wpja Annie Bang Wedding Photojournalist Documantary Candid 7.jpg
Annie was warm, kind and professional. She went out of her way to make every guest at our event comfortable and we received so many compliments about Annie from family and friends alike.
— Molly B.
annie bang documentary photographer.jpeg
Her candid photo journalist style completely resonated with us and she helped tell the story of our day through photos. The end result was breathtaking and we are forever thankful for Annie. Many of our guests commented that they didn’t even notice us having a photographer, the end product showed, Annie was everywhere! Thank you Annie for truly capturing our day!
— Veronica F.
wpja Annie Bang Wedding Photojournalist Documantary Candid 6.jpg
If you’re looking for amazing, fun, and emotional photos, then book Annie. Some guests didn’t realize Annie was even taking photos of them until they saw finished photos. Annie is so covert and quick. She’s probably a ninja or spy on the side. We also had posed family photos per family request, so, she can do those traditional ones too. But her candid documentary style is the best!
— Kim N.