Los Angeles River and Gardens Center Wedding - Cheryl + Scott



Literally, I want to stop writing right here so you can start looking at photos already and that two words sum up Cheryl and Scott's wedding. 

The funniest (?) part is that this wedding was one of the most laid-back weddings I've ever photographed. Wedding photojournalism can be a little new concept to a lot of people but not to everyone at Cheryl and Scott's wedding; at one point, I even questioned myself, "Am I that invisible?" And I love working with Brett and how we complement each other's style and storytelling elements is simply satisfactory.

Ohhh gosh... Past Action Heroes were there to party UP - one of the reasons the couple had looked forward to their wedding, and now I'm going to let pictures to tell you the rest; please enjoy my personal favorite images from their wedding at Los Angeles River and Gardens Center last October. (Oops.. yes... I'm a little behind :P)

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