Carondelet House Wedding - Gillian + Jason

Their story is something that I'd find it in a modern romantic movie - two strangers randomly meet at an airport and fall in love - who doesn't want this? I wish I had this kind of story to tell my children in the future.

Jason and Gillian met on a Southwest Airlines flight - where you get to choose your own seat - from Burbank to Oakland.

"The minute I saw Gillian I knew where I would be sitting," Jason recalled. "I had about an hour to get her phone number."

Gillian didn't make the process easy for Jason though; she first refused to give her number then didn't return his calls for weeks, but of course Jason didn't give up. (Yay!) Eventually Gillian relented and the rest is history. And every time I meet them, my heart just melts; these two lovebirds are so adorable together. I mean, just look at them...

Nested in east side of Korea Town of Los Angeles, I never knew about this pretty Carondelet House until their wedding.