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Wedding Details Photo

I'm terrible at photographing wedding details - like those ones wedding coordinators would love and like those ones many brides pin on their Pinterest boards. I cringe.

I started questioning; why can't I photograph the reception area with people in it? What are we doing? Why do I have to kick out everyone (including catering staff and DJ when they're working) just so I can take a photo of an empty reception room - like nobody came to your wedding? Why do we, photographers, need to touch the bride's dress and hang it on a hotel lobby, a hallway or a tree for a photo? How did the dress get there? Why is that photo important? Who is it for? 

I consider myself as a lucky photographer. I'm very blessed that my clients, who I call friends with lots of emojis flying around in the e-mails and texts, are against most of wedding trends because it is my absolute ONE job to tell their unique wedding story in creative ways; I get nervous and excited on wedding days as my tiny brain is constantly being challenged; and I have this ADD for what draws my heart. Those are my own wedding detail photos but part of your big day. 

So it is my pure honor that I've recently won a prestige international award from the latest contest by WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) - in details category! 

When I saw this specific tattoo of "Stand Strong" (Katie has many tattoos on her body) on her wedding day as she's putting her wedding gown, it immediately drew my attention. Here on her blog, she talks about her best friend, a US Army sergeant, who committed suicide a month before her wedding. Then two weeks before the wedding, she also lost her father. I simply cannot imagine how she's gone through and all, and yet she's still be able to stay so strong, positive and caring. Katie is truly a strong woman and I'm very thankful to have encountered such a wonderful soul. Thank you for letting me photograph your beautiful body, Katie.