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Bel Air Bay Club Malibu Wedding - Sierra + Alan

One day, I get an e-mail from Sierra, "We want a wedding photographer that won't do all the usual things (a million posed pictures or any for that matter or pictures of expensive shoes etc.). We would love to have you just capture everything as it actually happened so we can look back and laugh and remember what it was like not how hot we are (b/c WE KNOW jk jk ;)" My heart literally started beating so fast because I was that excited. Because... you know, it's harder than you think - meeting likeminded people/friends in life. That's what I felt with Sierra and Alan from the start - from that e-mail. Sierra was finishing up school in London where she had met Alan, who is a talented film director, working with other fellow brilliant filmmakers such as Wes Anderson, and they were moving to LA, where Sierra grew up. (Oh, and it turns out, this amazing London-based documentary wedding photographer Lyndsey Goddard had already photographed their UK wedding and helped the couple find me for their California wedding. Yayyyy, thanks Lyndsey!)

Truly though, Sierra and Alan are two nicest and most genuine people I've ever met and I admire how they enjoy life and appreciate the true meaning of being in the moment. It was probably my first wedding where there was a giant sign in the ceremony that read "There's a LOVELY LADY with a IMPRESSIVE camera out there SOMEWHERE. So tuck your camera and smartphone away and RELAX." It was pretty amazing to see how a group of 200 people already knew what was important in life - living in the present, because you know.. even with that sign, there would be at least one single person who still pulls out his/her mobile phone out. But no, not here. It was simply beautiful to feel and document the love their friends and family were pouring on them all day and all night; in the heart of the beautiful Pacific Palisades at The Bel Air Bay Club.