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Redondo Beach Historic Library Wedding - Alli + Chris

It was about 1.5 year ago when I sat down with Alli and Chris at a coffee shop in downtown LA and wished I was hiding in the corner when Chris had proposed to Alli. To Alli, it was a normal day Chris and Alli visited the hospital where her mom worked (maybe her mom's partner - my memory slightly faded this part... oops) for a casual heart check-up UNTIL Chris abruptly popped the question; of course Chris had set everything up in advance with her mom. Because they were hooked up to heartbeat monitoring devices, their heart rate was recorded - Alli's went through the roof as she had NO idea about the proposal while Chris' was a relatively pretty calm wave. Guess what now, they have these heartbeats tattooed on their arms - Chris tattooed Alli's crazy wave of "OMGGGG Yes!" while Alli has Chris' calm yet nervous graph of "Will you marry me?" and this is the coolest thing ever. Literally.

I think I cried (not surprising) because I felt their love so strongly that it was honestly weird. I loved that Alli and Chris didn't mind being vulnerable with me sharing their very personal stories; those life moments of ups and downs and how they're extremely lucky to have found each other. "I know something was special," Chris told me. I'm seriously the luckiest person on the planet because I got to be the one who preserved special memories for these two surrounded by the most fun and loving friends and family. It was a lovely, emotion-filled, a little hot September wedding day at Redondo Beach Historic Library.